Oil Delivery/Services

Our family wants to take care of your family.

To do that, we offer the following opportunities to keep you warm:

Automatic or Call-In Delivery

To keep you warm on cold winter nights, and to take the hassle out of monitoring your home heating oil tank gauge, we offer automatic delivery. As part of this program, we calculate a fuel oil usage rate for you and then use our degree-day system to schedule your next delivery automatically. Or if you prefer, we also offer a call-in service. If you do not choose our automatic delivery service, you may call-in and order and we will schedule your home heating oil delivery as soon as possible. 

Budget Plan

For your convenience, and to avoid big winter bills all at one time, we can develop a budget plan especially for you! You can have the convenience of paying for your home heating oil by making 12 equal payments over the budget year (June through May). Our budget plan takes the “peak” out of your big winter bills by allowing you to spread the cost to heat your home over 12 months. At the end of the budget year, we include any over or under payment into your next budget cycle. 

Prepay Plan

Our prepay plan allows you to pay in advance for your oil at a “fixed” rate per gallon. If you decide to prepay, Robert E. Reedy & Sons, Inc. will delivery your prepaid gallons from October through March, which is when you use the bulk of your heating oil gallons. Our prepay plan is designed to protect you from significant price increases by delivering your heating oil at a fixed rate for any gallons that you pre-purchase. Watch for our prepay brochure, which is available during the summer months. 

Customer Referral Program


Recommend a neighbor, friend, or family member and if they become a Robert E. Reedy & Sons, Inc. customer, we’ll credit your account $25 for each new customer you refer. Please note: New customers must accept a minimum of 150 gallon paid oil delivery from Robert E. Reedy & Sons, Inc.

Call us to submit a referral for your neighbor, friend, or family member.

LIHEAP Participants

LIHEAP is a state program to help low-income families pay their heating bills through energy assistance(cash component) and crisis grants. Since we participate in the LIHEAP program, we encourage all customers who are eligible to apply for LIHEAP benefits. In fact, if you need help completing your application, just call us for our help!

For more information, please call our office at 570.544.2076 and ask about the LIHEAP guidelines.